About Us

Who we are...

Being a registered company and operating since 2008, HD Manpower Pte Ltd main goal is to provides solution to company & every households in Singapore in the recruitments, hiring and placement of local and foreign applicants. Our strong supports from foreign countries gives us capabilities & confidently provides labour manpowers and being trusted by local employers both corporate and individual. And continuously supply different personnel for their manpower needs.

HD Manpower Pte Ltd is a Licensed Employment Agency of the MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (MOM). It is under the supervision and management by professionals and experienced personnel who passed the Key Appointment Holder for Certificate of Employment Agency (CEA) required by the Licensing Division of MOM. Being in Business of recruitment line, matching and referrals between Employer and FDW is almost 90% to meet the needs of both parties. We screen, assess, interview & select the applicants in accordance with their education, qualification and personalities. And even execute IQ & EQ tests to provide the number of people at the right time and place to sustain the needs of the employer. We speak English, Tagalog and Indonesian Bahasa to counsel the applicant when needed.